Victor Elias Research Grant


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A never-smoker, Victor Elias was enjoying life as a new father when he was stunned with a Stage IV lung cancer diagnosis at 40 years old. His battle ended three short years later on May 27, 2016, but his legacy lives on.

Victor was an undeniable force, he lived life boldly and loved the outdoors. He was happiest riding motorcycles and quads, playing golf, or scuba diving with the sharks. His love of animals and nature was matched only by the tremendous love he had for his family and friends. Victor lived life to the fullest, pushing every boundary, and he would want nothing more than to continue to challenge the status quo in research and treatment of lung cancer, which takes more lives every day than the next five cancers combined.

Help us to honor Victor’s memory and that of all those who came before, and hopefully far fewer to come after.