Bruce Campbell Research Grant


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Bruce Campbell, a Texan who grew up in the Amarillo area completed his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering at the University of Texas, Austin,  and spent most of his professional career in the processing and manufacture of our nation’s defensive weapons including high explosive pyrotechnics and nuclear weapons with serving in our military.  Bruce was the Managing Program Engineer for the manufacture of a thermonuclear weapon (Hydrogen Atomic Bomb) and was exposed to a large number of energetic elements such as uranium, plutonium, tritium, etc.

Ten years after retirement, he was diagnosed with stage four non-small cell lung cancer in 2010 which was attributed to his prior work environment.  He had chemotherapy treatment in Amarillo under the direction of M.D. Anderson (MDA).  In 2012 he became a patient of John Heymach, M.D., Ph.D. at MDA Houston, and was one of the first patients accepted for a clinical trial of the new Immunotherapy drug in 2013.  He had infusions every three weeks for two years.  After fifteen days of radiation in 2016 he was diagnosed cancer free.

Bruce and the love of his life, Carol Ann still live in Amarillo, TX.

Rexanna’s Foundation is honored to recognize Bruce Campbell through a grant that will be given annually to research dedicated to lung cancer patients.