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HOPE Award Recipients

HOPE award recipients were celebrated at the Houston Lone Star Huddle Up. These awards go to patients, friends of the foundation or community members who contribute time, service, heart and passion to the cause. There are also HOPE awards given to those in the medical field for their collaborative efforts to bring awareness to lung cancer, as well as, their work in the medical field.

Freddie & Gordon Harmon – HOPE Award Recipients

Congratulations to Freddie & Gordon Harmon; accepting on their behalf, daughter Sandy Sledge and daughter-in-law, Sheri Harmon. The Harmons have been true stalwarts of support for Rexanna’s Foundation since inception. They have given faithfully to the foundation for research and always generous with live auction donations! Truly generous friends of the foundation.

Left to right: Stephanie Kruger, Dr. John Heymach, Sandy Sledge & Sheri Harmon.

Diane Judah – HOPE Award Recipient

Also congratulations to Diane Judah, another HOPE Award Recipient. A true warrior and friend who has worked tirelessly 10 years on behalf of cancer patients raising funds for research through the Bob Mayberry Foundation.

Left to right: Lisa Spain, Stephanie Kruger, Dr. John Heymach, and Diane Judah.

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