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Rexanna's Foundation for Fighting Lung Cancer was formed to help fight a disease that is negatively impacting so many and taking the lives of countless loved ones. To date, 90% of all donations made to Rexanna's Foundation have gone directly to impacting the cause. Learn more.

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The 2014 Lone Star Huddle Up!

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The #WhipLungCancer campaign is a collaboration among anyone who wants to get rid of lung cancer, regardless of nonprofit affiliation. We're all banning together on this one! Please join us and take the #WhipLungCancer Challenge!

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Rexanna's Story

Heart PhotosRexanna Hawkins, 49, died of lung cancer on June 21, 2006. Never a smoker, Rexanna found out she had lung cancer on April 21, 2006.

Rexanna impacted so many in the short time she was at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. One was Dr. Daniel Karp, her doctor. Dr. Karp was inspired by Rexanna’s sheer enthusiasm and fight to beat the cancer even with the dismal odds. Dr. Daniel Karp now serves as the Medical Advisor to Rexanna’s Foundation. Read more >>