Lance Bertrand Research Grant


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The Lance Bertrand Research Grant

Lance Bertrand lost his battle with lung cancer on December 30, 2018, but he won the hearts of all who knew him with his strength, perseverance, dedication, passion and that amazing smile. Known to friends, family, doctors and staff and MD Anderson as Superman, the Miracle Man, Iron Man, Bionic Man, Legend and the Captain – Lance was treated for 10 years at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center after being diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, just 4 months prior to his wedding day to the love of his life, Therese. Lance was dad to Jude and Jolie Bertrand.

Rexanna’s Foundation is honored to recognize, celebrate, and memorialize the memory of Lance through a grant that will be given annually for research dedicated to extending the lives of lung cancer patients and focused on eradicating it completely. Grant proposals will be received from researchers beginning November 1st in recognition of Lung Cancer Awareness Month and accepted through December 31st. Grant selections will be announced by the last Monday in January of each year. Award recognition will take place at the Houston Lone Star Huddle Up in Houston, Texas every February.

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