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The raffle prize is a Christensen Arms Ridgeline 6.5 Creedmoor long range hunting rifle with a Zeiss 3-15x50 Conquest HDS scope with a long range Rapid Z 800 hunting reticle, valued at $4,000.

A $100 donation gets you one entry ticket, with the raffle taking place after 100 tickets are sold. We have the opportunity, if the response and demand exist, for future one of a kind guns to be raffled and raise funds for the Rexanna's Foundation sponsored Henicke Research Grant. The goal is to raise $50,000 by February 13, 2021.


  1. Must be of legal age to purchase a gun in your state.
  2. Tickets are numbered 1-100. All ticket numbers are randomly selected for the donors. You will not be able to pick your number. You may purchase multiple tickets.
  3. Once all tickets are sold, the drawing will be scheduled and streamed via live facebook drawing.
  4. Winner will be posted on Rexanna's Foundation Facebook page and website. The Winner will also be contacted using the contact information supplied during ticket purchase.
  5. No refunds.
  6. Winner will need to complete a Gun Safety Release Form & Liability Waiver prior to receipt of prize.
All donations will be designated for the Pamela Henicke Research Grant under direction of Rexanna's Foundation for Fighting Lung Cancer, and will also contribute to the grant's goal of $50K towards research funding. The actual grant and targeted project will be announced on February 13, 2021.

Tamra Hissom Budd

Tami, a non-smoker, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in December 2013 and passed away in January 2018. Tami is survived by her husband, Keith and son, Cooper who was just starting his first year of college when she passed away.

Tami was a tennis player and started raising money for cancer research in November 2014 by starting the Tami’s Uncensored Tennis Tourney at the Forrest Club in Houston. Tami called her supporters “Tami’s Titans.” Tami was often described as having a lot of spunk and fought cancer with a positive attitude and a zest for life.

Keith and Cooper have recognized Rexanna’s Foundation as a place where Tami’s Titans can make a difference. Tami raised money to increase awareness and research for treatment of a cancer that is taking the lives of more people than breast, colon, and prostate cancer combined. A big challenge exists because research money is not being provided proportionately.

Pamela Henicke Headshot

Grant Proposals

Grant proposals will be received from researchers beginning November 1st in recognition of Lung Cancer Awareness Month and accepted through December 31st. Grant selections will be announced by the last Monday in January of each year. Award recognition will take place at the Houston Lone Star Huddle Up in Houston, Texas every February.

Funded Research

Headshot of Jianjun Zhang, M.D., Ph.D., AssociateProfessor, Thoracic-Head and Neck Medical Oncology <br />Jia Wu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Imaging Physics


Funded by —
Tamra Hissom Budd Grant

Biomarker Identification for Lung Cancer Immunoprevention

Jianjun Zhang, M.D., Ph.D., AssociateProfessor, Thoracic-Head and Neck Medical Oncology
Jia Wu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Imaging Physics

These two unique trials have the potential to change the paradigm of lung cancer prevention and interception. Many patients enrolled in these trials have achieved clinical benefits. The proposed study will advance our understanding of the mechanisms underlying the response/resistance to these agents and establish biomarkers to stratify patients to appropriate trials in future studies.
1st Annual

Pamela Henicke Grant

2020 Recipients
Primary Investigator:
Dr. Monique Nilsson
Dr. Le
Dr. John Heymach

The total grant of $50,000 will be focused on developing new strategies for enhancing anti-tumor immunity in EGFR-mutant non-small cell lung cancer. The identification of new and effective therapies for EGFR-mutant, TKI resistant tumors is currently a critical unmet need.
Pictured from left to right: Lisa Spain (Executive Director of Rexanna's Foundation), Dr. Le, Kenedy Henicke (Pamela's daughter), Greg Henicke (Pamela Henicke's spouse), Lawson Henicke (Pamela Henicke's son), Dr. John Heymach.