Join our T.E.A.M.


A community service campaign that focuses on student anti-tobacco education and awareness in support of Rexanna’s Foundation for Fighting Lung Cancer. 87% of lung cancer victims are smokers.


Although Rexanna was a "never smoker" who lost her life to lung cancer, she was a lifelong educator/coach dedicated to teaching and caring about her students. In an effort to continue Rexanna's desire to positively impact students, Rexanna's Foundation began the Tobacco Free T.E.A.M. program to help educate students by making them aware of the negative impact of tobacco use.


Community Service event which takes pledges/donations in support of an activity, game or tournament of the schools choosing. The Tobacco Free T.E.A.M. kit provides sponsors with detailed information on how to host a successful event. Examples of events:

  • Football – pledge per Huddle
  • Softball / Baseball – pledge per at Bat
  • Tennis – pledge per Serve
  • Soccer/Hockey – pledge per Shot on Goal
  • Basketball – pledge per Basket
  • Volleyball – pledge per Dig/Block
  • Golf – pledge per Putt
  • Be Creative / Have Fun – Penny Drives, Hope Memory Walls, T-Shirt and Bracelet Sales

Organizations such as Student Council, Band, Drill Team, Cheerleaders may host a Tobacco Free T.E.A.M. event at an activity/game of their choice.


We recommend students collect pledges the week of the event (if game is on Friday begin pledge drive on preceding Friday). The time frame should be no longer than 7-10 days.


Funds raised through Huddle Up for the Cure event will support student college scholarships, tobacco education, lung cancer research and awareness programs.


The goals of the T.E.A.M. events are as follows:

  • Educating students on the reasons why they should choose NOT to smoke cigarettes or use tobacco.
  • Reinforcing the benefits of giving back to our communities in the form of community service.
  • Providing a level of awareness of lung cancer.


Incentives/Benefits to school participants for hosting a T.E.A.M. event. Rexanna’s Foundation is giving back to schools:

  • Scholarship opportunities for participating schools whose students qualify. Because your school is hosting an event – your school is eligible for the school year of your event Rexanna’s Foundation scholarship.
    • Please encourage your students to fill out an application for the Rexanna’s Foundation scholarship.
    • Keep in mind that there is a scholarship deadline. Encourage students to review this on the website. Check web site for Scholarship deadlines.
  • Community Service – Students can make a difference reinforcing the benefits of giving back to our communities while accumulating service hours.
  • Prize incentives are cumulative – Tobacco Free T.E.A.M. members will receive:
    • Rexanna’s Foundation bracelet and pen for turning in any pledges
    • Rexanna’s Foundation water bottle with $25 in collected pledges
    • Tobacco Free t-shirt with $50 in collected pledges
    • Rexanna’s Foundation draw string back pack with $150 in collected pledges
    • $25.00 Visa Gift Card with every $250 in collected pledges
  • Lone Star Trophy – Each year the school raising the most money for Rexanna’s Foundation will receive the Tobacco Free T.E.A.M. Lone Star trophy.
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