Sheri Harmon

Sheri HarmonnSheri is a 1981 graduate of Texas Tech University with a B.S. in Home Economics.

Sheri’s immediate family has been impacted significantly by lung cancer. Rexanna, her older sister, lost her battle with lung cancer in 2006 within two months of her diagnosis. Sheri’s mother, Patsy, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2010 and died in 2014 of heart related illness. Sheri’s father, Rex, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1992 and, after surgery, lived another 20 years without further treatment or complications from the disease.

Sheri lives and works in Mansfield, Texas and is involved in many school and community organizations. Sheri’s husband Kyle is a rancher and twins Gage and Grace keep them busy with sports, cheer and other endless activities.