Rue Ann Claybrook

rue-ann-claybrookRue Ann Claybrook is from Refugio, Texas, and has served on the board for Rexanna’s Foundation since it’s beginning in 2007. She is a retired educator who taught and coached with Rexanna Hawkins for 10 years in the Refugio Independent School District. She graduated from Texas State University (SWTSU) in 1977 and served in the field of education as teacher and coach for 35 years . She has also worked as a unit director for the Refugio County Boys and Girls Club for over 3 years. She is presently employed as a school bus driver for Refugio Independent School District and as a sales clerk for a local boutique. She joined the board out of love and respect for Rexanna’s passion for people, education and love for her students and friends. Rue Ann is motivated to serve on this board because she fells compelled to keep her dear friend’s wish alive, that being to help find a cure so that another young woman doesn’t lose her life to this terrible disease . Rue Ann is supported in her efforts concerning this organization by three amazing sons, a remarkable daughter-in-law, two beautiful grandchildren and the most wonderful man a girl could ever walk through life with.