Lisa Spain

lisa-spainLisa Spain, along with her husband, Rex, founded Rexanna’s Foundation in memory of her best friend, Rexanna who passed away from lung cancer. Lisa & Rex have had extensive experience with cancer from immediate family members to friends and colleagues. Lisa has a passion for the fight against cancer and spends countless hours supporting those battling the disease and their caregivers.

Spain is also active member of LungCAN, an advocacy group comprised of over 23 lung cancer organizations committed to collaborative efforts focused on projects across the country to bring awareness to lung cancer. The past 4 years Spain as served as the facilitator of the national meetings bringing all these esteemed non-profits together for a common cause.

Lisa’s background includes 29 plus years of experience in public education, at all levels and in varied areas from rural, to suburban, to inner city. The CEO & owner of LYL Educational Systems, Lisa is currently an Educational Consultant. The past 12 years Spain has worked with over 750 schools all over the country and Canada working with administrators, students and teachers on leadership, culture & climate, motivation and instruction that engages and challenges students.

Spain has a passion for supporting schools in engaging all stakeholders in the education process to improve college and career ready and has extensive research to support methodologies she has created. Lisa is the author of the researched-based, highly effective initiative Commitment to Graduate® that is helping educators bring together a strategic focus on the importance of education and being college and career ready.

Spain has been the keynote speaker in over 11 State Educational Conferences, spoken at countless Opening Convocations and is consistently sought after for schools Professional Developments and organizations looking for a motivational speaker. Spain is a doctoral candidate in Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction, Hall of Fame Inductee at Missouri Valley College, and a proud grandma of 7.

Spain along with husband, Rex brings her personal life experiences and passion to the work of Rexanna’s Foundation for Fighting Lung Cancer tirelessly working to bring about funding for research, improvement in treatments and support for those impacted by this deadly disease.