Holly Johnson

Holly Johnson started as a proud supporter of Rexanna’s Foundation 6 years ago.  Loving the mission of the foundation, hearing the story and legacy of Rexanna Hawkins, and wanting to do more to help make an impact in finding a cure for lung cancer, Holly became the Race Director of the Rexanna’s Foundation’s Run for a Purpose event in Lakeway, Texas in 2012.  Perhaps some of Holly’s drive and commitment to the cause has something to do with her 3 children.  “As a stay-at-home mom, I want to show my kids the importance of: (a) supporting a cause that moves you to act in any way that you can, (b) living a tobacco-free, healthy life, and (c) being physically active.  Being a part of this foundation has allowed me to do all of these things and more.”  Holly was immediately taken with the volunteer-driven aspect of the foundation and how that leads to a significant financial impact in the fight against lung cancer.  “I like knowing that my financial contributions to this foundation go directly to the cause.  I am confident that MD Anderson, with the support of foundations like Rexanna’s, WILL lead the way to a cure for lung cancer in our lifetime.”

Holly enjoys running, exercising, reading, cooking, baking, and, when no one is around, singing.  She is looking forward to passing the torch to Peri, Elliot and Quinn as the next generation of Rexanna’s Foundation volunteers.